With baby in Egypt: choose well in Sharm EL Sheikh

What can be said about Sharm El Sheikh that is not already known... Even worse, who hasn't been there already! Oh, pardon me, if you, the reader, have not yet visited the place. Oh, well, this is not a good start for a blog then. But the point is, Sharm El Sheikh is very popular among tourists in search of a hundred percent guaranteed sun, five-star hotels but without re-mortgaging the house, good food, good services and an average maximum of six hours flightfrom cloudy UK. From all these, take good food aside, and you got what you are looking for. Unless you stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. Then you can add good food to the list of pluses.

I am talking about facts or at the very least personal facts. I stayed at a luxury 5-star hotel with my then 13 months old son. The room (a suite) was fantastic and very stylish, the swimming-pools  were OK (save for a nail I found where my baby boy was crawling just beside the kids pool...), the service and attention to details from staff was more than reasonable and the meals were very tasty. However, first I and then my son had food poisoning and the sickness reached dangerous levels, particularly with a ten-kilogram human being that could not stop vomiting. Mind you, we did not eat anywhere else than at the hotel.

On the flight back I learned from other passengers staying in different hotels, that their kids had similar experiences. The reason, apparently, is that some hotels do not take care of properly washing the fruits and vegetables that are served. And tap water in Egypt is not to be drunk (or used to wash veggies).

However, I also visited the Four Seasons Resort and I was left open-mouthed and amazed. That this hotel does honour to the brand, is all I would say here. Further, from all the people I have met and all the people I have heard that stayed at the Four Seasons (and that is a lot of people), not a single one had a problem with the quality of food on offer.

Sharm El Sheik is not on my top list of places to repeat a visit but I do admit that you can't get it wrong if you are desperate to find sun, warm weather, good services and willingness to please you. I would only advice, though, to choose the right hotel to avoid spoiling your holidays as it happened to me. There are many so called 5-star hotels that don’t deserve that star rating.

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