Tenerife with my seven-month-old baby

After a few discussions with my wife about where to go on our winter sun holidays we settled for Tenerife. The pros: it is a short flight from London; the flight rates are more than affordable; we could take off from Gatwick Airport instead of Heathrow, which meant less likelihood of facing delays and cancellations; the weather in Tenerife is warm but not horribly warm, dry but still humid enough to see green spots in most of the island; people are very welcoming and kind and the beaches are nice. The con: it is not Asia or the Caribbean, thus not exotic enough. All in all, and with a seven month old baby, the balance was heavily inclined towards Tenerife and there we went.  

We stayed for seven nights at the Abama Golf & Spa Resort, a five star hotel with seven swimming pools, beautifully landscaped golf course with perfect sea view, tennis courts of very good quality and a fantastic and quite singular spa not easily seen in other resorts around the area.

The access to the hotel's private beach is through an elevator or staircases, which may put off some people, but in all fairness it is nothing dramatic and in my view it should also be put into the context of having access to a private and secluded beach with to natural pool, surrounded by a cliff and the deep blue sea - and nobody else other than you and the other hotel guests.  

Over the whole holiday, apart from visits to the northern part of the island and the Teide National Park with a rented car, I spent a large amount of time at the resort strolling around with my son sleeping in his pushchair. Because of the location of the property, the likelihood of going out by foot is not an option so I was wandering through every facility I could find at the hotel; and there are many! Really, walking here and there within the large premises of the resort was an absolute pleasure and a nice way of relaxing. The kids-club was great even when my son was far too young to join in and one adult had to stay with him.  

The rooms are a big plus; with 50 square meters the cheapest one, you won't be allowed to complain about space where to put a baby cot. And the spa, oh, the spa: a must-seen feature of the resort, just to walk through the different "water circuits" and the relaxation area, where you can just lie down and read a magazine drinking herbal tea, is worth exploring. 

I will make this last bit of today's blog my advice for this Christmas: If you are a spa goer, when booking a hotel with a good spa, ask your Travel Agent about the possibility of including some treatments. In some cases it is cheaper to prebook and prepay the treatments that to book directly at the hotel. It is worth asking.  

See you in my next blog.