Baby Holidays Tips
  • Flexibility
  • Be flexible and never try to rush. Stop to smell the flowers.

  • Destination
  • Choose a destination that works for you as a family, with something for everyone to enjoy. But ensure there is shade when needed.

  • Romance
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner at least one night, and hire a highly recommended nanny through the hotel for a couple of hours

  • The Relaxation Element
  • Take turns with your spouse to have a relaxing spa treatment.

  • Routine
  • Try to keep your baby's routine as much as possible but enjoying your surroundings. Don't start any new routine before leaving home.


Luxe Family - Baby Friendly Holidays

Congratulations on your new arrival, the pregnancy months are over and now it is time to enjoy being with the youngest member of your family.

Many parents are apprehensive about travelling with a baby, especially if they are first time parents. However, there is no better time to travel with a young child than when she is a baby and this might probably be the time when you have most needed a holiday.

Babies are small and portable, they let you decide where to go, they can sleep anywhere and, if you are nursing, you don’t even need to carry food for them. With toddlers, as soon as you give them plenty of opportunities to stop and rest, you can enjoy the slower pace and unwind.

Choosing a relaxing holiday at a luxury destination is the best way of spending time with that little person you love so much, and this sum of days and hours together will create the shared memories that are an essential part of what makes a family.

Luxe Family has put together a collection of luxury getaways for you to choose in destinations around the world. Beach, lake, mountains, cities, whatever your preference, find your perfect destination at the bottom of this page.


Our Baby Holidays Include

  • Nearby airport
  • Transfers with child seats availability
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Deluxe spas
  • Nearby medical help
  • Pushchair friendly hotels
  • Baby sitting availability