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Best Buys in Turkey

Blue eye: traditionally in Turkey, it is believed that a simple glass blue eye can ward off evil and bring luck and success. Blue eyes come in all shapes and sizes and make an authentic souvenir of Turkey.

Carpets: Turkish carpets and rugs have a universal reputation for their unique designs, color combinations and durability. Traditionally colors are extracted from vegetable and plant dyes.

Suede and leather goods: A wide variety of leather goods are available including handbags, purses, belts and clothing. Leather goods are excellent value when compared with Europe and North America.

Jewellery: the Turkish jewelry industry reflects a rich cultural heritage combined with modern innovative designs and technology. A great range of high quality gold and silver jewelry can be found in modern and ancient designs.

Copper and brass vessels: a wide variety of attractive hand beaten copper goods can be found such as plates, bowls, kettles and coffee sets.

Pottery:The art of pottery making has been a tradition in Turkey for many centuries. Production is centered in the Cappadocia region, where there are about 300 workshopsproducing hand made crafts.

Meerschaum pipes: exquisitely carved examples of the pipe maker's art and are highly valuable and collectible. Meerschaums aer carved with elaborate scenes, faces, figures, animals and natural motifs.

Embroidery and onyx: in a variety of beautiful colors ranging from black and gray to cream and pink. Attractive pieces such as chess sets, boxes, bowls, ash trays and vases are widely available in Turkey.

Ceramics: a major part of Turkey's artistic tradition. Both traditional types of ceramics and modern pieces are produced in Iznik, Kutahya and Canakkale.

Spices: a wide range of dried herbs and exotic spices are on sale in markets and stores throughout Turkey.

Turkish Delight: in addition to the traditional rose and lemon flavored varieties you can find many other types such as walnut, pistachio and coconut.