Treat yourself with a luxurious getaway in France before your baby arrives

Why a babymoon in France?

  • There are luxury hotels with first class spas and spa hotels, where to relax and indulge


  • It's an easy short flight or reasonable train ride to the region from any destination in Europe and there are plenty of direct non-stop flights from around the world


  • The health care system is considered the best in the world, with doctors in every small town and well stocked pharmacies


  • A gastronomic paradise, there is plenty of delicious fresh food to enjoy


  • Easy to explore by road or train 


  • Whether you visit a city, a small town, the countryside or the coast, there are beautiful places to explore


  • Excellent shopping for you and for baby

France Destination Guide

Pregnancy and Baby Friendly Holidays in France

France is one of Europe's most stylish countries and one of the world's most visited destinations. With luxurious accommodation, memorable food, world-renowned museums, magnificent chateaux and wonderful scenery, France is a perfect getaway.

Unwind in France while celebrating either your pregnancy or the arrival of your baby.

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